About Our Firm

BAYPORT Financial is uniquely structured to provide financial advice, planning, and products centered on clients' needs and objectives.*


Securities America, Inc Inc.* is a Broker Dealer  organized to provide consultation, analysis and financial product alternatives for individuals and businesses.

Consultation: We identify key concerns, determine goals, and develop strategies for pursuing personal and business financial objectives.

Analysis: We utilize our "ORCAS" system to provide a unique understanding of your current financial situation and review the available alternatives.

Financial Reports: We provide you with a report giving you the status of your financial condition and a discussion of important considerations when determining your financial goals.

Each year (more often if you desire) we will review with you your objectives and check your progress.

We are committed to on-going education and extensive research on both the theoretical and practical aspects of financial management*. We apply our experience to help you develop both strategies and tactics to pursue your goals. Our agreement states our fees. You are under no obligation to buy any services or products from us.

BAYPORT Financial markets securities through Securities America, Inc.*, and insurance products.

Securities*: Our associates are registered representatives of the following broker/dealer:

*Securities America, Inc.

You can choose from: Mutual Funds,Unit Trusts, and Variable Annuities.*

Also available are: Individual Listed and Unlisted Stocks, Corporate and Tax-Exempt Bonds, and Government Obligations.*

Insurance: Our associates are licensed life and  disability insurance agents and have available the most competitive plans in those fields. Additionally, we offer fixed annuities.

It is important to make certain that your personal insurance plans are current and will provide the protection necessary when needed.

You can determine which alternative(s) is best for you.

Securities America, Inc. is not affiliated with BAYPORT Financial



BAYPORT Financial Offers:


1. Savings Planning

2. Retirement Planning
   a. Traditional lRA
   b. Roth IRA
   c. SEP IRA
   d. Simple IRA
   e. 403B (TSA)

3. Risk Management  Planning
   a. Life Insurance
   b. Disability Insurance

4. Education Planning *
   a. 529 College Plans
   b. Education IRA

5. Special Needs Planning

6. Socially Screened            Investing *